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With over 15 years of experience in the international trading sector(mainly in China and HK), Veline Group can manage your company’s international importing and exporting, needs from beginning to end.

Trading with Chinese market, require its legalities and heavy paper works can be overwhelming. Veline Group manages every step of the process so our customers don’t even have to worry about a thing.


Veline Group can handle any type of product that our customers demand from China, such as: raw material, fashion products, construction material, electronic products, cosmetics, beauty product, furniture, etc……

Even products that require specialized pre-packaging or with special condition. Besides that, we in charge of all the shipping and delivery challenges that may arise so that the product is delivered directly to the final customers.

For the importing purpose, Veline Group only deals with large quantities of items, and non-retail.


If you desire to sell your product(s) to China, Veline Group gets the job done. We have a huge net of distribution of any kind of product(s), we know exactly how and where to exhibit your product and how to get the attention needed for sales and branding.

We also provide business advice to help you open a business branch in China.

The possibilities are endless, and driven primarily by your own entrepreneurial spirit; with the advantage of knowing that you can rely on Veline Group to make your business with China goals a reality.

Contact us today, and we will start working on your business venture together!

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Spain, Italy, France, UK, USA, Japan, Hongkong, Singapure, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Korea, Dubai, Qatar, Saudi Arabian, Russia, Chile, Argentina, Peru, Mexico, etc….

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